Release of a new song by Moonstar88, produced by Eraserheads

Release of a new song by Moonstar88, produced by Eraserheads

Raymund and Buddy of the Eraserheads produced the new track “Parola,” which was released by the Filipino rock band Moonstar88.

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According to a statement sent to ABS-CBN News, the song “Parola,” which is Tagalog for “Lighthouse,” was published on January 6 accompanied with a lyric video and features Moonstar88 giving advice to couples on being each other’s compass. According to the statement, the Batanes province’s views, including the House of Stones landmark and the area’s natural vegetation, served as inspiration for the Herbert Hernandez-penned song.

Below is a link to “Parola.”



Following their September 2022 song “Next Week,” Moonstar88’s second single from their upcoming album “Lourdes 2088” is titled “Parola.” Since bassist Paolo Bernaldo was fired from the band in 2015, it is currently unknown if both Marasigan and Zybala would serve as producers for any further tracks on the album. Zabala joined the group in 2016.

In February of last year, Moonstar88 released “Paasa,” a song they co-wrote with Noel Cabangon. Five studio albums have been released by them in total, with ‘This Year’ from 2012 serving as the most recent. Since then, the group has primarily released singles; the exception is their 2018 EP “Strings Attached.” Following a brief sabbatical after the release of the “Strings Attached” EP, they made a notable comeback in 2020 with the release of four singles, including “Naantala” with Marasigan.

During last year’s elections, the band made a notable endorsement of Leni Robredo, the Filipino candidate for president. In March, the group performed their songs “Gilid,” “Migraine,” “Panalangin,” and “Torete,” as well as their cover of the Eraserheads’ “Magasin,” with Imago as their opening act.

In December 2022 at the SMDC Festival Grounds in Paraaque City, Marasigan and Zabala will perform together Ely Buendia and Marcus Adoro onstage for the first time since the Eraserheads Huling El Bimbo reunion event in 2014. Buendia promised plans for a world tour after the concert’s success, but as of this writing, no additional information has been made public.

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