In the following day or two, Damar Hamlin might be discharged from a hospital in Buffalo.

In the following day or two, Damar Hamlin might be discharged from a hospital in Buffalo.

Doctors are hoping Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin is healthy enough to be discharged from a Buffalo hospital within 24 to 48 hours, according to Michael Hughes, senior vice president and chief administrative officer at Kaleida Health, who spoke to CNN on Tuesday. Hamlin had a cardiac arrest a week earlier while playing the Cincinnati Bengals.

On September 25, 2022, in Miami Gardens, Florida, Damar Hamlin #3 of the Buffalo Bills observes the action before a game versus the Miami Dolphins at Hard Rock Stadium.
What are a heart attack, a cardiac arrest, and a heart failure?
The results of testing are being analyzed by medical professionals, who are also trying to determine whether Hamlin’s cardiac arrest on January 2 was caused by any underlying problems.

Hamlin is undergoing a number of tests and evaluations today, according to a statement released by Kaleida Health on Tuesday. Along with planning for his recuperation, discharge, and rehabilitation, the staff at Buffalo General Medical Center will “possibly treat any pathology that may be detected.”

The supporters of Hamlin received an update on Tuesday afternoon.

Not quite home yet, tweeted Hamlin. Still working and passing numerous tests. Special thanks to Buffalo General; we’ve only experienced love here! Please remember me in your prayers.

On Monday, Hamlin was moved from a Cincinnati hospital to one in Buffalo after specialists judged that his critical condition had improved to good or fair, much exceeding expectations.



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Dr. Timothy Pritts, chief of surgery at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, stated on Monday, “We believed that it was safe and proper to help transport him back to the greater Buffalo region.”

The parents of Hamlin took a flight from Cincinnati to Pittsburgh before continuing on to Buffalo. They were on their way to the hospital to visit Hamlin on Tuesday from the Buffalo Bills’ practice facility.

Following his unexpected fall following a tackle against the Bengals in Cincinnati, Hamlin, an NFL player in his second season, has been regaining strength over the previous few days.

From the potentially fatal incident that he underwent, “he’s clearly on what we consider a very normal to even accelerated trajectory,” said Pritts, “but he’s making excellent progress.”

Close-up hands using a CPR training dummy to practice chest compressions.
How to respond to a cardiac arrest
According to Pritts, a typical recovery following a cardiac arrest can take anywhere between weeks and months. However, Hamlin has outpaced that schedule and is neurologically sound.

However, Pritts argued that more testing is required before it would be appropriate to speculate on Hamlin’s return to normal life or the nature of his heart attack.

After his heart attack, Hamlin spent days under anesthesia and on a ventilator. The breathing tube was taken out on Friday morning, and by the afternoon of that day, Hamlin was able to walk with some assistance, according to his physicians on Monday.

The safety’s situation was improved on Monday, according to medical professionals, because his organ systems were stable and he no longer required acute nursing care or breathing therapy.

Hamlin was treated by Dr. William Knight, a specialist in neurovascular critical care, at UC Health. “He walks normally,” he added. He is, it must be said, a little frail. After what he through, I don’t think it comes as much of a surprise that he is simply regaining his strength. And that’s a step in his healing.

The group rejoices Hamlin’s homecoming.
With Hamlin’s release on Monday, he was able to go back to Buffalo, which gave some of his teammates even more motivation and excitement to see him.

“I’m very happy he’s back in Buffalo. What a tremendous job the medical team and the team of doctors did out in Cincinnati, and now he’s receiving excellent treatment here in Buffalo. Sean McDermott, head coach of the Buffalo Bills, told reporters on Monday, “We’re delighted to get him back.

Hamlin was “weary” but appeared delighted when McDermott saw him on Monday, according to him. Happy to be back in Buffalo and close to a place he is familiar with. I am aware that he is proceeding cautiously.

On January 8, Sunday, Damar Hamlin posted a picture from the hospital to his Twitter account.
A week after collapsing, Damar Hamlin tweets live from his hospital bed and provides a photo of the Buffalo Bills game.
The head coach added that since Hamlin’s injury, his team has improved, citing how such events foster development.

There is a plan in place for the players and staff to see Hamlin “at the correct moment,” according to McDermott, who added that “we will all have evolved as individuals, and as men in this circumstance.”

Being close to him will make us feel more at ease and motivate us as we get ready for the postseason,” McDermott said.

Even though Hamlin wasn’t present when the Steelers faced the New England Patriots on Sunday, his support was clearly felt.

According to Pritts, Hamlin activated alarms in the ICU when his team scored a touchdown.

He leapt up and down, got out of his chair, and, I believe, set off every alarm in the ICU as the opening kickoff was returned. Nevertheless, he was alright; it was just a natural reaction to an extremely thrilling event. He really liked it, Pritts remarked.

In addition to being “beyond happy,” Hamlin felt “extremely supported by the outpouring of love from across the league, especially from the Buffalo region” on Sunday. This week, we discovered that the Bills mafia is a very genuine entity, Pritts continued.

Bills urge supporters to take CPR classes
Hamlin’s life was saved by prompt medical attention after his fall, and the Buffalo Bills are now urging everyone to learn how to perform CPR.

On Sunday, December 11, 2022, in Orchard Park, New York, Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin (3) warmed up before playing against the New York Jets in an NFL football game. The Bills won 20-12. Jeff Lewis/AP Photo
Before his fall, Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin was savoring every second of his NFL career.
When Hamlin lost his pulse on the field and required resuscitation and defibrillation, assistant athletic trainer Denny Kellington is credited with performing CPR.

According to a statement released by the Bills on Monday, the medical reaction was a component of an emergency action plan that “involves team, independent medical and athletic training staff, equipment and security employees, and is reviewed prior to every game.”

According to the statement, the team promised support for tools like CPR training, AEDs, and assistance in creating cardiac emergency response plans within the Buffalo community.

The Bills urged all of their supporters to continue their support and move on by becoming CPR certified.

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