Diamond and Silk’s Lynette Hardaway, a supporter of Trump, passed suddenly.

Diamond and Silk’s Lynette Hardaway, a supporter of Trump, passed suddenly.

According to the duo’s official social media profiles, Lynette Hardaway, a pro-Donald Trump social media figure and a member of the group more generally known as “Diamond & Silk,” has passed away.

On Monday, a post on the duo’s official Facebook page confirmed the passing, and the same message was also shared on their Instagram and Twitter pages. The cause of death wasn’t explained in any more detail. The New York Times reports that Hardaway, often known as “Diamond,” was 51 when she passed away.

“A True Angel and Patriot Warrior for Freedom, Love, and Humanity has left our World! Due of her zeal and affection for the entire human species, Diamond blazed a road. Please respect the family of Diamond’s privacy during this difficult time, but keep in mind and appreciate the gift she provided all of us. Soon to be announced Memorial Ceremony, the couple’s official Facebook post stated.

Hardaway garnered global notoriety along with her sister Rochelle “Silk” Richardson as ardent supporters of Trump and members of the right media.

In a 2018 appearance on Fox & Friends, Hardaway argued that Trump was not racist. He’s realistic. He just sees the color green, and he wants the money from you.

Hardaway passed died on Monday night, and the former president disclosed it on his Truth Social platform, calling it “very devastating news for Republicans and honestly, ALL Americans.” Richardson “was with her all the way, and at her dying,” according to Trump, when Hardaway passed away at her North Carolina home.

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